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Mar 5, 2013 12:00pm PST
on the stated's megan's law website probably because his offenses were minor and about 25% of the state's sex offenders don't meet the qualifications to be listed online. >>> authorities are cross the buy are breathing a sigh of relief after a police assault rifle stolen in san francisco was found. police say their investigation into the stolen ar-15 similar to this led them to a home on 88th avenue in oakland last night. the gun was taken from a locked undercover san francisco police car on saturday night. >> it's a very big relief. since the incident took place, the police department is work nonstop to locate the weapon and also identify the persons responsible for the theft. >> oakland police say they detained several people at the home where the rifle was found but nobody was arrested. the gun thief could face felony theft charges. >>> experts are checking out how much damage was done to a sailboat stolen and beached near pacifica yesterday. the 82-foot "darling" was towed to richmond overnight and is now on dry land. the boat has a broken rudder
Mar 7, 2013 12:00pm PST
/11, that's when she decided to go into the law enforcement field. of course her most important job was a mother to her kids. >> i met her -- she met her husband in san francisco at a ceramics glass. ann, you've been there all morning long. procession, left at 8:35 from cruise and arrived there after 10:00. >> the city had a tricky challenge here. originally the city of santa cruz wanted to hold it in their own community, for obvious reasons, but there wasn't just a venue that was large enough to accommodate the thousands of people that wanted to attend. that's when they decided to move it here this is from the large procession that started at 9:00. it started at the santa cruz beach boardwalk. hundreds of cars lined up there. many of them officers from the santa cruz pd and others from local jurisdictions. they traveled 33 miles. difficult for traffic in that area along highway 17 when that was going on. they took up both lanes and went 30 miles per hour. exiting on san jose and julian street. it's been nice to see how the city has turned out i
Mar 4, 2013 12:00pm PST
. >> reporter: the queen's granddaughter in law kate spent several days at the same hospital in december with severe morning sickness. it's the preferred hospital for members of the royal family. palace officials say the queen has called off the pb look appearances for the-- pkly appearance -- public appearance for the week she usual list has 350 engagements in a year. she last canceled one in october when she had back trouble. as she gets older palace aides are careful not to take chance was her health. but her majesty who is not one to make a fuss was careful not to stay in the hospital any longer than necessary. tina krause, cbs news london. >> glad she is feeling bet another she looks good. >> how are you feeling? >> i am feeling fantastic next to you guys. >> two cups of coffee and less than 20 minutes. >> and i am ready to go today. >> we give outweather. >> hey, we are -- you the weather. >> hey, around the bay area break up outside. stubborn out in some parts. over the bay, you can see clouds continuing there. and well, it's going to be slow
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3